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Pocket is an AI-powered case management software for
disability service providers.

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At Pocket, we revolutionize how disability service providers operate. Our intuitive AI-drive software streamlines case management, ensuring data security, multilingual support, and insightful reporting-all in one place.

meet angie

Unlock the Power of AI & Machine Learning

Step into a world of seamless automation. Effortlessly generate case notes, editable files, and PDF reports through our AI-driven chat, Angie.

multilingual support

Break Language Barriers with Multilingual Support

Say goodbye to language barriers and connect globally with Angie's Multilingual Support. Interact in 80+ different languages and produce reports in your native tongue.

Generative AI
Multilingual Support
Data Compliance
Key Analytics

data security & compliance

Your Data, Our Focus. Pocket's Standards Compliance

Pocket complies with all major standards and regulations, such as HIPAA, SOC2, and Global Data Privacy and Compliance Standards.

reporting & reach

Insightful Analytics, Global Reach. Pocket's Power

Pocket provides actionable analytics for service providers in platform, via integration, and extending marketplace opportunities for global reach.

Efficiency Redefined

Simplify, Save, Succeed

Let Pocket redefine your workflow. Elevate your operations, save time, and reduce unnecessary costs intelligently. Experience the future of streamlined operations.

12 or more

Hours saved per person

Thousands of dollars

Saved per month
on unnecessary costs

ROI Calculator

Calculate the potential return on investment you can achieve with Pocket. Are you ready to elevate your operations and become part of the future?

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